Artillery – update on the new albumSeptember 14th, 2010 by michael

 Photo : Johnsson


“6” is the working title of their forthcoming album scheduled for release on March 21st, 2011. The new album will include 11 songs. Some of the titles are "Ain’t giving in", "Concealed in the dark", "If only death was an illusion", "Monster" and "Warrior blood". The album will be available in minimum 3 different formats, which will include 4 bonus tracks: "The Eternal War", "Show Your Hate", "The Almighty" (these are all re-recorded versions of tracks taken from the band’s first album – "Fear Of Tomorrow") and "Computer god" (a cover version of the song by Black Sabbath).
The band will enter the recording studio on November 29th. The new material will be recorded again at Medley Studios in Denmark, with Søren Andersen as the producer.


Artillery plan to promote the new album with a world-wide tour. The band has recently changed their booking company for Dragon Productions.



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