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Artillery is by all means an experienced and established international brand. Having visited just about every continent on earth, we're accustomed to the different audiences and venues around the world.
Booking Artillery to play your next show means that you are booking serious musicians who will not only ensure that your guests are having a good time, but also that your arrangements with us will be honoured. Remember - no job is too big or too small!

Playing at anything from private birthday-parties, to small bar-venues and up to giant stadium venues, our gig-calender certainly is diversified.

What do you charge for a show?

We operate of out a basic standard tariff. We're expecting the essentials such as proper accomodation, transportation, hot meals and beverages.
We play at anything from small bars to large stadium venues, and as such everybody should feel free to contact us. For more specific info, please read our rider.

Link to Artillery rider (PDF)

So how do I book the band?

Below is our contact information:

Booking within Denmark

For at booke i Danmark, kontakt da Prime Collective direkte på en følgende måde:

Send en e-mail til Prime Collectives E-post-adresse - husk at mærke titlen "Artillery booking": her.

Artillery live
Live in Concert. Photo: Kennie Jensen

Booking in the rest of the world:

For booking in the rest of the world, please contact NoName Booking the following way:

By e-mail - remember to label the title of the mail "Artillery booking": here.

Artillery live
We're all about having a good time. Photo: Chris Besse.

Still unsure whether to book?

You can review our back-catalogue on Spotify and YouTube in order to establish whether our material suits your venue:

Visit our Spotify-page! Visit our YouTube page! Visit our YouTube page!

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