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Welcome to our news section. Remember to check this regularely for news about news albums, new shows and every other thing
related to the band. Without further ado, HERE'S the NEWS!

(At 2017-12-26 17:04:26) Preview the webshop!

Our webshop is now semi-online. That means,
we need to setup payment options, shipping, etc.

But you are now able to begin to browse it!

(At 2017-12-24 20:08:41) Webshop online soon

Soon our official online store will be made avaiable to the
public. We are only working on a few finishing touches, to
ensure that the end product will be a good service to fans
wanting to support us.

Please hang tight and await!

Artillery wishes you a merry christmas!

(At 2017-12-24 19:15:35) "B.A.C.K." is to be re-released!

Our fourth album "B.A.C.K." from 1999 is due to a re-release
in South America on Pacheco Records. It will feature two
bonus tracks not originally pressed - "Fly" and "Jester" -
but also an exclusive live performance of "Cybermind" from 2008.

It will be avaiable in our online web store soon!

(At 2017-12-24 19:13:29) Welcome to our offical website RELAUNCHED!

A big and warm welcome to all of our friends visiting our
online home. The site is still somewhat under construction
at random given places, so that means that you will have to
check back regularely!

Remember, this site is the FIRST source of news, before
social media, so be keen to follow us