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Navigating the intuitive online discography is simple. Just click on the desired record and a window (or tab) with detailed information will open. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse pointer over the artwork, where the name will appear.

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Demos that have both been released and unreleased.

First demo, We Are The Dead Second demo, Shellschock Third demo, Deeds of Darkness Fourth demo, Fear of Tomorrow Fifth demo, 1989 Demo Sixth demo, Welcome To The Mind Factory

Studio albums

Full-lenght, studio releases.

First album, Fear of Tomorrow Second album, Terror Squad Third album, By Inhertitance Fourth album, B.A.C.K. Fifth album, When Death Comes Sixth album, My Blood Seventh album, Legions Eighth album, Penalty By Perception Ninth album, The Face Of Fear

Studio EP's

Short EPs of the band


Compilation albums

Box-sets, compilations and other related material.

Second compilation album, Terror Squad/Fear of Tomorrow Third compilation album, Fear of Tomorrow/Terror Squad Fourth compilation album, Deadly Relics Fifth compilation album, Through the Years Sixth compilation album, Deadly Relics Seventh compilation album, In The Trash

Live albums and DVDs

Live material released by the band in video and/or audio form.

First Live DVD, One Foot In The Grave, The Other In The Thrash. First Live CD, One Foot In The Grave, The Other In The Thrash.

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